Amouri Edwards

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Hello, my name is Amouri Edwards. I am an Illustrator and Animator. Currently I am 17, and constantly working on new projects, but recently I've invested myself in entrepuership as well as coding; thus this website: I have coded and crafted this entire website from scratch, and designed every item on this domain; all ideas from my imagination. Throughout my life, I have hopped to many hobbies both visual and performing: any graphic arts to sewing my own clothes, or playing the piano and singing. I'm not sure yet how I will combine all the things I love but I'm sure I'll formulate a plan soon enough. My goal for this site is to document my progress as an artist as to reflect later on to my work previously. I look forward to seeing how far I've come.

In terms of experience, though I am self taught for nearly all the skills I am practicing in the art realm, I am working with others to improve; so I am currently working at multiple internships, and doing other commissions.

Intrigued by heavy detail and black and white artistry, I display a selection of my best and most popular ink works on Instagram and other media platforms, as well as other original works. I commission art on shoes and jackets. For orders please use the contact section. To date, the most commemorable commissions are a t-shirt designs for the up-and-coming band GEESE and sneaker designs for various customers.

As I continuously adventure to the concrete jungle of New York City, I work wherever the earth provides and continue to work on my craft. My mission is for my art to support not only myself but for causes that improve our world.

- Amouri Edwards, 2019

When creativity and innovation combine, who knows what the product could be...